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Always keeping an eye on the details of your public tenders

About us

We, PSE – Pharma Solutions Europe, are an established consultancy and provider of information databases. Our focus is on Europe-wide tenders and their discount agreements for finished medicinal products. We offer you tools for your analyses and are your service provider in the areas of tenders, rebate agreements, tender management, market access and patent law.

Our services

Analysis & databases

We use databases and analysis tools to help our clients understand the environment of pharmaceutical rebate agreements

Tender management

We ensure that tenders are submitted in the correct form and on time.

Market Access

We support you in a wide range of tasks related to entering the German pharmaceutical market.

Regulatory affairs

We support you as a service provider in the tasks involved in drug authorisation.

Patent protection

We offer you a search tool on the relationships between industrial property rights in the pharmaceuticals inventory market.

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