Against the background of the legal favouring of discounted pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals with the same active ingredient must deal with an increasingly limited scope. Participation in public tenders for medicinal products organised by the SHI system has long since become a distribution channel and has established itself as a market access discipline.

We have focussed on public tenders for medicinal products in Europe and support pharmaceutical companies individually or as a bidding consortium when applying for European tenders.

Since 2007, PSE has been a provider of information services for the monitoring of intellectual property rights and their drug tenders and thus also serves as a strategic analysis and planning tool.

  • Monitoring the environment of pharmaceutical discount agreements
  • Monitoring pharmaceutical tenders by the SHI (public health insurances)
  • Preparation of bids eligible for awards / tender management
  • Administration of open house contracts
  • Research and mapping of property rights
  • Market Access in Germany
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs Services (focus module 3)

Our team is available to our customers in German, English, Turkish, Italian and Spanish.

The knowledge of the data situation, market relationships, legal regulations and the growing expertise of our broad team form the backbone of our services.

The services we offer complement each other.

You can make full or partial use of these services. We are able to cater for special requests and individual concerns.

In order to avoid unauthorised competitive agreements, we do not represent more than one pharmaceutical company at a time within a specialist lot per tender.