The pse-Patentschutzdatenbank® (pse patent protection database) is a database that requires the Qliksense® analysis tool as its basic technology.
It is continuously updated by providing corresponding download files. The data on the pharmaceutical market is provided to our customers without restrictions, comprehensively and closely meshed.

After an initial introduction, users are quickly able to follow their own analysis paths and transfer them to connection systems such as MS PowerPoint for visualisation.
PSE works on the basis of DPMA data, prepares this data in a comprehensible way and enriches it with additional information.

Knowledge of existing and expiring property rights for active pharmaceutical ingredients is essential knowledge for all pharmaceutical suppliers in order to organise the lifecycle management of finished medicinal products.
The pse-Patentschutzdatenbank® (pse patent protection database) represents 100% of the international data situation, as long as the condition is met that this patent is also valid in Germany, and has been largely enriched with additional attributes from authorities, institutes and drug databases.

Key statements of the pse patent protection database:

  • Basic patent
  • Patent families
  • Industrial property rights (IPC) (§16 PatG))
  • Supplementary protection certificate” (SPC) plus 5 years
  • National views
  • Integrated analysis paths for multinational views
  • Terms and term statuses
  • Applicant, owner and representative details with transaction data
  • Processing status

The pse-Patentschutzdatenbank® (pse patent protection database) is updated on a regular basis. The interface allows the user a variety of analysis paths and enables searches e.g. via ATC codes, active ingredient designations, trade names, authorisation numbers, paediatric drugs, veterinary drugs and orphan drugs.