PSE offers its customers, the pharmaceutical industry, solutions at European level that enable them to maintain their own position in the competitive environment and thus support the process of bringing important medicines to patients as a building block of health.

This takes place in a highly regulatory and complex environment, similar to regatta sport. The start and finish are clear; getting there requires process quality at the highest level, with maximum reaction speed, a top team and perfect tools.

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This is what the pharmaceutical industry, PSE with its team and Violette Dorange with Devenir stand for. The big goal is the successful participation of Violette Dorange in the Vendée Globe 2024 / 2025, but it is a long way to get there and requires reliable partners. For this reason, PSE has decided in favour of a partnership with Devenir.

With this project, PSE combines the culture of sailing and regatta sport with the virtues, attributes and cultural elements of PSE’s business field:

Performance culture, clarity of start and finish, flexibility in the path, reliability of location determination, change of environmental parameters, tight regulatory environment, endurance, quality of preparation, quality of equipment, reliability of the backup team, creativity in problem solving, support for children’s education, professional training, promotion of excellence, precision of technical equipment and execution of manoeuvres, constant surprises, sportsmanship and competitive spirit, fairness, long-term orientation, dealing with setbacks, and much more.

In addition to this aspect, there is another benefit concept. A large proportion of the sponsorship money goes to a child protection organisation called the “Auteuil Apprrentis Foundation“.

The aim of this organisation is..

  • No poverty
  • No hunger
  • Good health and well-being
  • Good education
  • Gender equality

We at PSE are happy to support this and see it as a communication vector for the values and culture of our company.