1stLine e.K. specializes in creating custom made business solutions for market access, quantitative market research and sales force effectiveness. Data sources for primary market research can be collected through physician surveys by 1stLine. Data for market access solutions are obtained from PSE – Pharma Solutions Europe. 1stLine links these data with sales dara or other KPI’s owned by it’s customers. Among others, the result is an effective controlling of (rebate)- contracts and optimized allocation of (sales force)- ressources. Finally, i’s possible.


PSE – Pharma Solutions Europe is member of the BCCG.

We are a strong, privately founded, non-profit-making organisation continuing since 1960, in the tradition established by our predecessor, the British Chamber of Commerce, founded in Hamburg and Cologne in 1919. Sir Michael Arthur KCMG, HM British Ambassador to Germany, is our patron.

The British Chamber has nine Regional Committees in the United Kingdom and Germany with a broad membership base, giving direct access to regional business partners. Through their about 100 networking events, the regions offer support to members, interested in companies and individuals.