Discounted Contracts

The rebate contracts according to §130a para. 8 SGB V (Statutory Book No. V) have changed the sales behaviour of the pharmaceutical industry like no other political instrument in the past.

Since the beginning of the very first drug tender in April 2007 in Germany, in the field of Market Access we have constantly and increasingly specialised in the topic of drug tenders of the social insurance and are an established provider in long-standing customer relationships.

We can optionally help you with our tools and services as follows:

  • Up-to-the-minute monitoring of social security drug tenders.
  • Tender forecast – which health insurance company is likely to tender what and when
  • Production volume planning
  • Competition, market and price analyses
  • Representation of rebate contract relationships and the competitive environment
  • Calculation of discounts and tender values
  • Calculation of contractual penalties
  • Tender Management, before, during and after contract conclusion

Our data spectrum also covers Italy and the Netherlands.

The distribution of generic pharmaceutical finished products no longer functions according to classical approaches. The intelligent use of market access methods is crucial for success. Knowledge of the discount contract situation of the competition, contract commitments and contract design, as well as the use of controlling instruments designed for this purpose are decisive.