Our services

Providers with an identical active agent are having a narrow flexibility caused by discounted contracts. The participation in public tenders of public health insurances turned to be the main distribution channel and expanded to a important discipline of Market Access.

Public Tenders in Europe are our special area of service. We attend pharmaceutical companies single or within a bidding consortium through the process of application.

Since 2007 we are provider of information services which includes the monitoring of property rights and their public tenders. Our information servides are used as strategic- and planning tools.

  • Monitoring of Discounted Contracts
  • Monitoring of Public Tenders
  • Preparation of offers to be awarded
  • Administration of Open-House-Contracts
  • Researches and illustration of property rights
  • Market Access in Germany
  • Regulatory Affairs Services

Our team communicates in German, English, Turkish, Italian and Spanish.

The knowledge of current datas, business relations, legal rules as well as the growing expertise hold by our team is creating the pier of our services.

Our offered services are complementary into each other. They can be used completely or partially. We are able to react to your special requests and individual matters.

Our solutions of consulting are aiming to provide your company an competitive advantage. The strictest discretion is our guiding principle in all our consulting projects. We do not act without the significant permission of our customers.