Discounted Contracts

Public Tenders already changed the way of distribution like no other political instrument ever did.

For more information, please have a look in the publication of the german prestigious pharmaceutical journal „pharmind“: pharmind 03/15 Market Access die neue Vertriebsabteilung

The shown graph reflects the amount of the active substances and the pharmaceutical  providers which are hold in discounted contracts during the past ten years.

In December 2017 183 pharmaceutical providers traded 661 active substances and their combinations within discounted contracts. Every of 122 health insurances of the GKV takes part in those contracts, whether themselves or through a negotiator. About 77% of the generic market is concerned, biosimilars included.  A bit more than 5% of the patent-protected medicinal-products are also concerned. Those numbers point directly to the consequences of economic importance of discounted contracts. The amount of participations on side of the GKV is a full 100%. The political instrument is  verifiably effectively, at least as cost containment measures on the part oft he GKV. The baseline for the evaluation are the regular reports through the ABDATA.

Classical approaches are not working with the distribution of generic products, anymore. Success comes with the intelligent applying of methods of Market Access. It is significant to know the situation related on the competition, contractual obligation and -realization, as well as the usage of controlling-instruments for such cases.